Lizzie Lilley


Lizzie is a Scottish artist who graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2021, winning the RGU Arts and Heritage Stand Out Work and Purchase Award 2021. She was also awarded the RSA John Kinross scholarship and was announced in April 2022 as the Fleming Collection’s Emerging Scottish Artist of the Year in partnership with Scotland House, London. Lizzie is a joint winner of the David and June Gordon Memorial Trust RSA New Contemporaries Prize 2023.


Lizzie’s work is concerned with the slow abstraction of photographic imagery, a responsive process through which images of perceived social significance are interrogated and distilled. Photographs with a focus on historical events of social or cultural significance are a springboard for an instinctive process which can take days, or months, to complete. The original image is transformed into a study of colour and form: the photograph and the work each a distinct thing, with the resulting work retaining something of the essence of the informing image.